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What is Shelfwise?

It is a solution that focuses on shop display and allows you to completely automate its execution. We can recognize all the items in the store, as well as the behavior of the customers, using AI. At the same time, we provide aggregated information about the condition of all scanned store shelves and products placed on them. ShelfWise connects those directly involved in the arrangement of the SKUs on the shelves with those who plan their strategy and responsible for sales. What distinguishes us is the ease of access to information about the real-time updated display. Thanks to our advanced algorithms, ShelfWise exceeds all the methods used to execute shop shelves so far.

How it works?

Image recognition in real-time

Instant feedback about situation in the store

Readable analysis and clear dashboards

The idea of ShelfWise is very simple. Using image recognition, we automatically detect every kind of product on the shelf. Thanks to our state-of-the-art algorithms, you get instant access to beautifully visualized data about shop display with valuable recommendations to have a real impact on your KPIs. It can be used by the sales force to collect valuable information, as well as the staff in the store to correct any inconstancies. What makes us special is fact that everything is happening in real-time, so you can react immediately to any inconsistency. Also, you can use our technology in a way that suits you the most. We can easily connect via API to your current SFA solution.

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What does it give you?

Real-time information about shop display and performance of the store allows to keep an eye on the actual placement of every product and correct any inconsistencies in the planogram as soon as possible.

Advanced yet readable analysis available on every device that highlights the most important aspects of all shelves in the store and gives you recommendation for current strategy.

Saves time and focuses on building relationships, thanks to the complete automation of repetitive tasks and better use of human resources in gaining a competitive advantage and increasing sales.

Why does shop display matter?

Nowadays, shop display has become the main factor for making purchasing decisions. Every company tries to compete for customers on the shelf, but only few of them base their decisions on actual market dependence. Despite increased promotions through various channels, if the clients cannot find your product easily on the shelf, you will not get the results that you are looking for.

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