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Retail image recognition for planogram execution

Real-time information about actual state of shop display. Get rid of manual shelf auditing.

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Store auditing app

ShelfWise store auditing app is designed to collect all shop display data in seconds. Using Image Recognition technology field sales force just take photo of store shelves and get complete list of all SKUs visible for customers as well as advanced analytics about shelf share. You can also create and assign custom tasks to check any promotion materials and execute your market

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In-store shelf monitoring

Use computer vision technology to automate supervision of every product in your store. ShelfWise video recognition engine instantly detects any changes in planogram and notify staff what product is missing. We also analyze shoppers' behavior from dwelling time to conversion rate so you can optimize your promotion strategy based on reliable data.

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What is image recognition

Image recognition, also known as computer vision technology is an interdisciplinary scientific field which concerns identifying objects on images. At ShelfWise we employ deep learning to „see” as humans do.


Why does the shop display matter?

Shop display is the main factor for making a purchase decision. Every company tries to catch consumer attention by attractive packaging but only a few of them base their shelf approach on actual market dependences. 7 out of 10 people decide what to buy while standing in front of the shelf. See what we know about shop display that can double the sales in the period of the increased promotion.