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Find information and valuable insights from all points of sales in one place. Assign visits through all your field sales force in seconds.

Field sales force management

  • Shop assigning

    In our web application you have preview on all employees working in field as well as all the points of sales that you cover. This way you can automatically assign who is responsible for which region. Any changes in the number of personnel can be easily corrected to make sure that every shop has been visited.

  • Task attaching

    Delegate tasks with a breeze across all your team to make all the hard work in just a friction of its previous time. Create new task in seconds and send it to selected employees or predefined groups. Track tasks progress in real-time to make sure that all your marketing activities are present in the store.

  • Photo documentation of the visit

    Situation on the shelf is changing constantly. The best way to describe it is just to show it on a photo. That’s why we based our auditing software on image recognition technology. There is no more need for long checklists of all SKU’s on shelf. We also cover all kinds of promotion materials so you have everything you need on hand.

  • Gamification and motivation

    Increase engagement by making every taks extremely clear and easy. During the visit sales rep has overview of his current achievements, and can collect points for every action he complete. This enables to make directly dependent in the result, and what is more important all the results are precise and reliable.

Need more?

If you are like us and you know that everything can be done better feel free to reach us. We are open to innovative retail projects that make work and live easier to everyone.

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