Just add ShelfWise to your current SFA

We understand that just as there are different types of products in the store, everyone has their own unique needs. We have put a lot of work into making our solution versatile. If you expect to significantly improve the management of your store display, you can simply add a part of ShelfWise functionality to the SFA solution that you are familiar. In this case, the implementation of our technology takes less time, and there is no need to spend many hours on employee training. After learning our algorithms to recognize and categorize SKU in the way that suits you the most, we are ready to connect via API with the software of your choice.

Stand-alone independent application

Being the experts in building solutions based on machine learning, we are able to deliver a complete tool for supervising the placement of SKUs in every point of sales. Not only the field force can benefit from AI in their daily work but also anyone responsible for sales, as well as trade marketing, can find valuable analysis and market dependencies on beautifully presented dashboards. ShelfWise can be used independently, and you can adjust the feedback about the shop display, so you’ll never miss the issues that matter to you. Our state-of-the-art system can be used on any platform. If you wish, we can also make custom features to meet all your needs.

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