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Integration with computer vision technology

Our retail image recognition technology works on every device and platform. You can install it on any smartphone (Android, iOS). We are also open for integration with your current SFA solution, so there is no need for additional training of your sales field force.

ShelfWise auditing app

Just install our ShelfWise app to introduce a new standard in merchandising. Make the work a pleasant challenge thanks to our gamification module, and get the instant result of your market strategy whenever you are on our web service.

Connect with your SFA

Integrate our intelligent camera module app with your sales force automation solution to get instant feedback about condition of planogram in store that you are currently visiting. Gain additional functionality without need to drastically change your workflow.

Are you a SFA Provider?

We are open to many types of cooperation. The retail market is huge and there is always need for innovative solutions. If you want to give your clients something more feel free to merge with our image recognition technology.