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    Image recognition technology for retail

    Computer vision allows you to optimize proces of getting important shelf data into one place. All calculations take place in cloud so there is no need to carry any additional hardware. You just need your phone to take photo of shop display. All the dashboards are also available on our web-service from any place you need.

    Intelligent auditing software

    • Regular discrepancy reports

      First we have to know what need to be recognized in store. What products or which shoppers behaviors.

    • Methodical audit

      We verify the results of recognition regularly (both actual and historical

    • Overwriting

      If you want to change something in an already taken photo or analysis you can always overwrite it

    • Image acceptance

      Immediately after taking a photo you get information if its quality is good enough for the analysis

    • Photo stitching

      If the store shelf is too wide, you can take multiple photos and our app will stitch them automatically

    • Job complains

      If any complaint was reported we deliver periodically aggregated data about analysis