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Computer vision for retail

Most people are guided by visual aspects when shopping. That’s why we care about making easier for them to find products they are looking for. Our image recognition solution can make store audits last as short as taking a picture on your smartphone. We can also install real-time shelf monitoring in any points of sales to know exactly what is going on in store shelves.

How it works?

  • Data categorization

    First, we have to know what needs to be recognized in the store. What products and what KPIs.

  • Algorithms learning

    Then we train our neural networks to achieve human-like precision in detection.

  • Recognizing objects

    At the end we get solution that detect any inconsistencies in planogram in real-time.

Data visualization

Image recognition collects a huge amount of data. Therefore we care about the easiest way to present the most important aspects of shop display. Our dashboards are fully customizable, so you can have all the analytics on the main screen the way you want it.


We do care about data so we do not store any of the footage from store. All the calculations happens in cloud with encrypted connection so you can be sure that all analytics are safe. We also guarantee a 24/7 hotline serving all timezones to provide help in any situation.