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Store auditing with real-time Image Recognition

Plan and manage all your visits in one app. Execute shop display in seconds.


The fastest way to execute planogram

New technology of data gathering enables significant time savings in audits of the stores. Automatic product counting as well as advanced shelf measurements are done by our image recognition engine. Hardest part of shop execution is automated and a lot more precise.


How does it work?

  • Step 1

    Take photo of the shop display that you want to check in point of sales. Make sure that photo is sharp and cover the entire exposition.

  • Step 2

    Get real-time recommendations on your mobile device while still standing in front of the shelf. Detect all out-of-stock SKUs as well as shelf share and many more.

  • Step 3

    Improve your shop display by adding missing product and rearranging the planogram.

Tasks Managementnew

Smart work delegation is the key in effective category management. In our web service you can assign all kinds of task within seconds to multiple field sales force representatives. Every user of our app has overview of his progress in engaging charts with gamification features.


In-store measurements

  • Out-of-stock

    Never lose the opportunity to sell your products. Be the firs one informed about OOS before customers.

  • Shelf Share

    Compare your market strategy across all your competitors and base your analysis on actual shelf data

  • Planogram compliance

    Planned representation of the product on shelf can significantly increase sales. Let’s keep planogram in best condition.

  • Facing/ Brand block

    Line of same product on shelf is more likely to be noticed by shopper. Keep eye on your category to never miss the spot

  • Price comparison

    Price can determine if customer will buy your product or not. Track any changes to maintain competitive offer.

  • Best Shelf

    The best place is the one that is the easiest to reach by the shopper. Give them chance to take your products.

  • SKU Listings

    No more manual product counting. Automate the most time-consuming work in gathering shelf data.

  • Display Area

    Every display area counts. Know all the best shop spaces to locate your product.

  • Promotion materials

    Supervise your promotional campaign every time you make photo of the shop shelf.

ShelfWise implementation

Core of our technology is image recognition engine. We developed our own app to make store audits and planogram checks easier, but we are also open to integrate with third party applications. See how you can add computer vision to your current SFA solution.


Reliable retail execution tool

Good tool is designed the way you can forget you are using it. We made hundreds hours of testing our UI. That’s why in ShelfWise app you have the most important features at hand. Also our web application is extremely user friendly to make your work a breeze.