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Retail Shelf Monitoring with Image Recognition

Instant notification about condition of the shelf.


Real-time alerts about condition of the shelf

Be the first one informed about condition of your shelves, so you never miss the opportunity to sell products in your store. Always have full assortment available to shoppers thanks to automatic inventory tracking. Gain a view of all you shop shelves in real-time to make your store function autonomously.


What we detect?

  • Missing product

    If there is no product on shelf, shopper won’t grab it. Know your shelves thanks to automatic notification.

  • Brand block

    The more same SKU’s in a row the easier consumer can see it. Maintain well organized brands in all time.

  • Planogram compliance

    The right planogram increases sales figures. Preserve it thanks to continuously shelf monitoring.

  • SKU Listings

    Know exactly what you have on shelves in real-time to optimize your warehouse management.

  • Conversion rate

    Make the use of all your display area thanks to advance shelf analytics available on your hand.

  • Your KPI

    Create the best shopper experience based on actual data. We are open to custom shelf measurements.

Add ShelfWise to your store

Best technology works the way you can’t even notice it. Thats why our inteligent cameras can be placed directly on shelves without even noticing it. We can also use your existing store monitoring to cover store areas that are important to you.