Cross platform solution

Adaptable for your needs

ShelfWise can be used on any type of device, regardless of the operating system you use, including the most popular Android and iOS. We have devoted a lot of work to make the use of our solution a pure pleasure. Therefore, you get to use it in such a way that is the most convenient for you. ShelfWise can be used both as an independent and complete solution for the Field Force as well as integral part of your existing SFA solution via API.

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Data visualization

Explore shop display

We collect all kinds of data from the shelf, so you can explore every aspect of the display. Our measurements can easily cover entire section so you so you will see entire category.

Accessible presentation

Our solution presents information in an extremely accessible way. Engaging and customizable dashboards visualize the most important aspects of the placement of your SKUs.

Easy access

You can view all the reports and KPIs in every place on earth and on any device. In case you need to prepare a periodical presentation just export all you need in jus one click.

State-of-the-art image recognition system

Algorithms with endless possibilities

The heart of ShelfWise is advanced algorithms and hundreds of thousands of recognized products in the learning process. Thanks to our engineers conducting numerous tests, we are able to ensure the effectiveness of recognition that surpasses human capabilities. It is not only about the speed of recognition but also about amazing precision. Our solution has often proved that it is able to classify products in situations where humans face problems. We are experts in the field of image recognition for business use, so we are the only ones who recognize all types of packaging with stunning accuracy.

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Safety is paramount

We care about all data

Nowadays it is extremely important to keep sensitive data in safe. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to the confidentiality of the data in our possession. We also guarantee a 24/7 hotline serving all time zones to provide help in any situation.

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