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ShelfWise is a one-of-a-kind solution in the area of image and video recognition in the retail world. We not only monitor the products in the store but also understand the customer behavior. As a result, we are able to save the employees’ time and increase customer experience in every store using advanced algorithms. ShelfWise optimizes workflow, thanks to automatically generated recommendations and guidelines for the staff to help them achieve better supervision of the stores display. We also analyze in real time every customer in the store and deliver you reliable data about their behavior and number. All this allows to make more market-driven decisions and plan your strategy based on real figures.

We aim to innovate the world of retail with artificial intelligence

By giving the customers total freedom

What can be measured?

Know exactly how customers behave in your store

Consumer path

See how customers move around the store and optimize product arrangement so that they can see every corner.

Dwell time

Know the section of the store where customers spend the most amount of time and use your resources to let them make a purchase.

Out of stock

Never lose the opportunity to sell your SKUs. Always optimally use the exhibition area. It’s that simple.

Customer counting

Every customer counts, therefore you should measure the flow of people in your store.

Conversion rate

Use all available display area in the best possible way. Unlock the full potential from your point of sale.

Queue time

Create the best user experience in the store possible and make the clients come back to your store repeatedly.

Heat map

Get to know the real most attractive places in your store based on actual traffic measured real time.

Planogram compliance

Make sure that the real shop display meets the planned one. Respect all guidelines automatically.

Dangerous behavior

Detect any undesirable situation faster than humans. Get notifications on any devices to be able to react immediately.

Shelf execution system tailored for your needs

See what ShelfWise can do for your department

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We can install our own cameras to get a more advanced analysis

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