Shelf Share

Having access to actual information about shelf share is crucial in building and maintaining a good promotion strategy.

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Out of stock

Never lose the opportunity to sell your SKUs.Be the first one to be informed about the deficiency on the shelf.

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Compliance with the planogram

The development of an ideal visual representation of the products in a store is a key aspect of today’s merchandising.

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Customers can quickly identify brands when making their selections. The main determinant here is obviously the packaging itself.

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Regional segmentation

Monitoring exposition in many sales networks at the same time may be a big challenge. Each channel, as well as region, is different.

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Product listings

Gathering information about every SKU of the exposition is a time-consuming and monotonous job. This creates a real risk of human errors.

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Display area

Every store may vary and have different display areas. Using our solution, you can measure the width as well as height of the exposition.

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Price comparison

Nowadays, customers are highly driven by the price. Therefore, constant supervision of them is essential. Various channels can sell your SKUs on different rules.

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Store distribution

There are many types of sales areas in the store, and not every product is located on the shelf in the corresponding category.

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Best shelf

What counts in exposition is not only the number of products but also their placement. 

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Your KPI

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