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Shelf recognition for FMCG

Automate your planogram audits

ShelfWise is a solution that collects all data about shop display with a single photo taken at the point of sale. The information on product placement is updated automatically and in real time. This allows us to provide advanced analysis containing information about the facing, brand block, shelf share, best shelf, out-of-stock products, and many more, directly to your device. Thanks to this, the sales representative can correct the overall SKU placement directly during the visit to the store. Trade marketing, as well as category management, could also use such valuable data to identify the best way to reach the customers. What makes ShelfWise unique is that it enables the visualization of data in an extremely accessible way. Keeping track of current promotion strategies in all regions has never been so easy.

Shelf scanning using only one photo

With features dedicated to the FMCG sector

Save time with real-time information about shop display

Get access to valuable analytics generated automatically

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Insights based on the actual image of your shelf

Complete information about shop display

Nowadays, all companies want to ensure that they use their valuable shelf space in the shop in an optimal way. Manual listing of products is a time-consuming and monotonous task, which may favor the occurrence of human errors. ShelfWise not only automates the collecting of information about the shop display but also generates advanced comparisons of your products against the competition. All this information is available in a few seconds after taking the picture. This allows you to respond to any market changes on an ongoing basis and monitor your current strategy.

A truly seamless experience of computer vision

With endless possibilities

The ShelfWise interface has been designed from the bottom-up for the FMCG market. Therefore, the most important information about the shop display is presented in an extremely accessible way. When using ShelfWise in everyday work, you will notice that previous tasks take only a fraction of your time. Measuring the discrepancy between expectations and the actual state of products on the shelf is automatic, as well as any others analyses, which are updated in real time.

Shop display that sells

Across every category and channel

We have worked with the largest companies from the FMCG market, not only in Europe. Thanks to our experience, we know which KPIs are valuable, and we can individually adjust our analytical panel for each sector and category. The type of products presented on the shelf is not a limitation for us. Therefore, we can pick up all the trends appearing on the market. We know that the customer most often makes a purchase decision when they have direct contact with the product. For some products, a well-planned exhibition can double the sales during the promotion period.

Shelf execution system tailored for your needs

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Trade Marketing

Get complete solution to analyze shelf information in every point of sales. See every move of you competitors and influence the needs of your clients in the most effective way.

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Sales Direction

Drive continuous growth in sales thanks to immediate reactions for any changes in market situation. Make the best use of new technology with your field sales team.

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Business Analysis

Continuous improvement of efficiency is impossible without the right tool. ShelfWise not only provides you valuable data but is also extremely pleasant in every day use.

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Category Management

Coordinate placement of the multiple categories SKUs was never that easy. Develop the best strategy to get competitive advantage on your market with ShelfWise.

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Channel Sales Specialization

Get rid of monotonous and low added value tasks to gain more time to build long lasting and beneficial relationships with your business partners. Make the real impact on sales.

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